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Responsible investing is core to Vibe Capital Partners.

Vibe Capital Partners is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investing and its Funds are SFDR article 8 compliant. 



We forge lasting, sustainable businesses that not only promise attractive returns to our investors but also embody responsible practices. Our investments are strategically designed to wield positive, enduring effects on both people and the planet, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Responsible investment process:

an acquisition

Our pre-acquisition phase involves rigorous scrutiny for legal, environmental, and technical adherence. We demand alignment with paramount benchmarks and stakeholder anticipations. Governance, transparency, and communication levels are meticulously evaluated. When required, external experts are engaged to provide impartial evaluations and strategies for risk mitigation and opportunity optimization.



Within our ownership tenure, we collaborate with management and stakeholders to actualize ESG blueprints. Legacy concerns are solved, workforce and executive team diversity is enriched, and operational enhancements are driven by robust ESG factors. Progress in ESG and CSR is not just reported but actively tracked.



Our cultivated ESG groundwork, removes apprehensions from exit negotiations, thereby securing a cleaner exit that maximizes our portfolio company value.

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